OPEN TABS — whereyoufitin, Fendi Décor, Porcelain Mountains, Ceramic Deer, Norwegian Web

This is a monthly series where we share our favorite things found on the web, aka. our open tabs. 





Zé's latest album "Skies Are Found with Secret Delight" has been on repeat since we came across it in a Fader article. So easy to listen to and we love the subtle jazzy sounds. 



"The Happy Room is based on the idea of a traveling VIP lounge: a collection of furnishings and an elegant, sophisticated concept of space that can be replicated by the maison inside its boutiques all over the world."

Cristina's collaboration with Fendi is innovative yet rooted in retro style. Check out more from Cristina here



There's something peaceful and mesmerizing about Marianne's porcelain mountains. It feels like a 3D watercolor painting or a landscape from a dream. 



Randomly stumbled upon this gold mine via Pinterest and we're still in awe of all the treasures people are selling here. Some of the things you can find include: a vinyl with cover designed & signed by Andy Warhol, a ceramic deer by Jaap Ravelli, a retro table lamp by Ettore Sottsass, a wooden toy train by Ko Verzuu. We're not going to pretend we know all these designers, but you're friends will totally think you're the trendiest when they come over and see your "stylized ceramic sculpture of a deer [...] by Jaap Ravelli".



Upon first glance seemed simply like a beautifully designed website. Click around and you'll discover an interactive aspect - drag and drop various components to customize your own experience! It's subtle, but we get a cheap thrill from it.